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In Line Sawing and Extrusion on Acrylic Lenses

Acrylic Resin Lighting Lens Extrusion
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A client from the commercial and residential lighting industry contacted our company regarding noise complaints owing to a fluorescent lighting fixture.  When these fixtures were turned on, the bulbs emitted a series of popping or snapping sounds that were very distracting in office environments. The client contacted TSG, Inc. because of our superior ability to extrude a variety of plastics for diverse industries.  And, our ability to cut at angles in a line made us an ideal choice as the company that could come up with an adequate solution to their problem.

When investigating these fluorescent fixtures, we discovered that the noises originated from surface tension that existed between the acrylic lens and metal tabs.  The original design of these fixtures included a lens that measured forty five inches in length.  And, when these lenses were installed, they were forced to rest on four metal tabs inside a metal housing.  So, while the lamps were heating up, the acrylic lenses were also heating up, forcing each lens to expand.  And, it was this expansion that would cause the lens to move along the metal plate, causing the popping noise. This noise was also generated after the fixture was turned off, since the lens would then contract, shifting once again along the metal plates while cooling down.

At first, TSG, Inc. provided a temporary fix for this problem by applying a small piece of Teflon tape to the metal tabs, which helped reduce the surface tension between the metal plates and acrylic lenses.  However, this did not provide a long term, cost-effective resolution.  We decided that a more permanent solution was needed at the point of assembly.

Working with design engineers, we employed our advanced plastic extrusion process to produce a raised, rounded nub that was added to the profile on top of the lens’ flat surface.  The lens could now rest on the radius of the nub instead of directly on the metal plates, reducing the surface contact area and allowing the lenses to move quietly during heat up and cool down phases.

TSG, Inc. worked directly with our client to come up with a permanent solution that eliminated any annoying noises that were being generated by their products.  This solution allowed for us to develop a better relationship with our client, as well as our end-users.

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Product DescriptionThis profile extrusion was re-designed and tooling modifications were made by TSG to improve the performance of the lens, by reducing the surface contact between the lens and the fixture.  This eliminated noise complaints from customers that were resulting from temperature changes in the light after installation.
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesExtruding and In line sawing capabilities. Downstream tooling is hard tooled to insure that the process is repeatable and insures a quick set up time.
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartPlastic Extruder
Overall Part Dimensions45 inches in length
Material UsedAcrylic Resin
In process testing performedOngoing measurements are taken every 30 minutes
Estimated Part Weight1 lb
Industry for UseLighting Fixtures
Delivery LocationConfidential
Standards MetCustomer supplied print, 2D Auto CAD Drawing
Product NameLighting Lens

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