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Lamination Services for Automotive Company

Lamination Services for Automotive Company
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A client from the automotive industry contacted TSG, Inc. requesting a lamination material that was non-adhesive, impact resistant, and flexible for compound radiuses.  The lamination also had to be Class A surface approved and fit into our client’s constrained budget.  The client was having difficulty finding a lamination material that would fit all of these requirements.

At the time our client contacted TSG, Inc., no lamination material yet existed that met all of their specifications.  Providing us with a scrap part of an automobile that we used to perform tests, we went through an extensive lamination trial, often combining two or three materials together to see if creating unique compounds could help meet our client’s goals.  Finally, we found two materials that when married together matched our customer’s requirements.  But, the price of mating these two materials was way outside their budget.

Finding a production engineer who was willing to invent a brand new material, we were able to create a laminate that had a thick, rhino-like skin and was equipped with a Class A intermediary guard.  This new laminate could hold the material without the use of an adhesive and was priced within our client’s budget.   Finally, we formed the shape of the laminate, developing the initial drawings based on a customer-provided functional part.

When TSG, Inc. was contacted, our client was seeking an automotive laminate equipped with a variety of features that did not yet exist on the marketplace.  By listening to our client’s needs, we were able to develop a new solution that not only met with absolute customer satisfaction, but also became the creative leader of a whole new market.  By working closely with our buyer to invent this new laminate, we were able to develop a greater relationship with our client, their end user, and our supplier.

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Product DescriptionThis Automotive Lamination was designed to be impact resistant, non adhesive, flexible for compound radiuses and class "A" surface approved. The development of this product has helped to eliminate scratches and rework for automotive parts that have a history of being damaged during production or transition.
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesLamination
Material UsedRhino Skin type with Class A Intermediary Guide
Industry for UseAutomotive
Standards MetCustomer supplied scrap part, and Drawings Created by in-house engineering team
Product NameAutomotive Lamination

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